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Monday, January 25, 2021


We strive to meet your every need and deliver top quality products and services at all times!

This is just what a few people had to say about us and our products...


BumbleBeeBaby.net | Testimonial Image

Lindi Pereira

Various Products: "The talented team behind the very innovative "one-stop-baby-shop", BumbleBeeBaby, have made my life as a new mom so much easier. The products available from their online store is fresh, unique, of excellent quality and reasonably priced. They stock top brands that are very hard to come by in local stores and are able to attend quickly and efficiently to special product requests. Their website is fast, reliable and safe to use. Thanks BumbleBeeBaby for excellent service and a great choice of baby products! "

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Testimonial Image

Michelle Godwin

A+A Swaddle Wraps: "Brilliant products and exceptional service! Specially delivered to my office as I needed it urgently! Thank you!!"

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Testimonial Image

Jack Norris Buchanayandi

Lovenest Baby Head Pillow: "Thank you for your helpful assistance and excellent customer service. I was very happy with the way BumbleBeeBaby assisted me when I was purchasing the LOVENEST Baby Pillow for my baby. I would love to recommend anyone I know to BumbleBeeBaby.net. BumbleBeeBaby was very helpful and the product we bought was delivered on time as promised..."

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Testimonial Image

Siobhan Jordaan

BumbleBeeBaby (BBB) Peek-a-Boo Nursing Wrap: "Dear Bumblebeebaby,

Thank you for your excellent service and beautiful packaging. I bought the breast feeding bib for my sister in law. She said it gave her the confidence to meet the world again and feed her new baby elegantly."

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Testimonial Image

Sally Fryer

Widgey pillows: "Widgey pillows are great gifts for new mums whether they are breast feeding or bottle feeding. They come in lots of fun designs, are great value and really good quality. I brought one as a gift for my Sister and she won’t be without it."

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Testimonial Image

Gillian Ontong

Lovenest Baby Head Pillow: "Thank you delivery was fast and baby is enjoying the pillow very much. Good product, would recommend to all moms not wanting their baby developing flat head syndrome."

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Testimonial Image


Doidy Cup: "A great quality cup that my daughter loved using from about 6 months old. I'm sure this has contributed to her being able to drink so well from an open cup."

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Testimonial Image


Cuddledry the Original Apron Bath Towel: "A truly useful item that should be on every new mums wish list. Especially for newborns when having two hands free is essential."

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Testimonial Image

Sally Fryer

Baby Sense Taglet: "I brought my baby niece a taglet when she was born and she absolutely loves it. She is always playing with the little tags on it and seems to find it really comforting and calming. It’s the perfect gift for babies and is machine washable."

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Testimonial Image

Lamees Hartley

BumbleBeeBaby (BBB) Peek-a-Boo Nursing Wrap: "I absolutely love my bumble bee baby nursing wrap. I can now nurse my baby modestly wherever I need to, with baby feeling secure and snug with ample ventilation. Because of the raised ring ontop, I can have my hands free to do other things, and able to peek down to check on my baby without lifting a finger. Also I love that it slips over my head securely and I don't have to worry about it slipping over my shoulder and exposing anything. Lovely product."


Much Loved Products on Review: By Brand


BumbleBeeBaby.net | Baby Sense Testimonials


'Baby Sense Secret Book, a recommended read' - read Mumsense Magazine's review of the Baby Sense Secret Book (pages 22-24)

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Baby Sense Book

Reference: MumSenseMagazine.com

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Cuddledry Testimonials


'My daughter doesn't complain of her hair dripping,she leaves it on for ages and her hair is practically dry when it comes off. This is very good quality and I would say this is definitely good value for money. Recommend without hesitation especially for friends who have kids at swimming.'

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Cuddledry Products BumbleBeeBaby.net | Cuddledry Products BumbleBeeBaby.net | Cuddledry Products  BumbleBeeBaby.net | Cuddledry ProductsBumbleBeeBaby.net | Cuddledry Products

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Hippychick Testimonials


'We absolutely love the suits; we're really glad we've found your website. Yours, Jackie Cruse'

Reference: Jackie Cruse

'My friend Jo and I took our girls (Holly and Katie) to the snow where we live in Cyprus, wearing hippychick waterproofs - they look so gorgeous we thought you might like to see the picture! We absolutely love the suits; we're really glad we've found your website. Yours, Jackie Cruse'

Reference: Jackie Cruse

'I just wanted to say how happy I am with your fleece lined overalls. I took my kids down to Aberdeen city beach yesterday, and it was just wonderful. They literally dived in puddles, wallowed in the wet sand and splashed in the waves, and were bone dry inside. I´m Spanish, and a complete wimp about Scottish weather, so this has saved me. Thank you, Ximena Maier'

Reference: Ximena Maier

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Hippychick Products  BumbleBeeBaby.net | Hippychick Products

'I love the Hippychick products and they have the best selection of waterproofs at great prices. Akira, as a boy, needs to get out every day, so I need the right gear. I’ve ordered Akira one of the yummy all-in-ones'

Reference: Katie Hill

 ’a HUGE thank you to you for the amazing water proofs!  They have revolutionised our summer holiday!  Ella and Jacob have had them on nearly every day so far and it’s been so liberating to not have to worry about the weather.  Jacob even ended up face down, starfish in a puddle (don’t ask!) and was blissfully dry and happy afterwards’ Thank you!

'I can’t believe my order arrived so quickly! The best service I’ve experienced on the web by far. The all-in-one is perfect for my son - looking forward to many days of being able to play outside without worrying about him getting soaked.’   

Reference: D. Horsfall

’The Hippychick All Weather range really does stand out; it is the Rolls Royce of wet weather and outdoor gear’  

'Just to let you know your mattress protectors are brilliant, but I didn't know how good until last night... we've got the fitted cotbed size on my daughter's bed currently without any issues. I recently bought some double flat protectors for when we went away in our caravan, which again she used withot issue. She was quite poorly last night and I thought she might end up in my bed so I reluctantly put a double one on my bed 'just in case' expecting an horrendous sweaty night. My goodness, what a pleasure... not the least bit sweaty, not noisy or rustley - no wonder she sleeps so well. Why would anyone buy any other type is beyond me! Thanks, Sue R.'

Reference: Sue R

‘A clever piece of baby kit that does a necessary job very well.’

Reference: MadeforMums.com

‘My little boy gets very hot during the night but the sheets don’t get sweaty because the bed protector is cotton not plastic.’

Reference: Babyworld.co.uk

'I recently got one of your single flat sheet protectors and I honestly can't be more happy with it :) My 3 year old daughter is still prone on the odd occasion to bed wetting and up to now have always used a protector. However, your one is like a breath of fresh air, it's not got that horrible plastic feel or sound, it's comfortable and feels just like a sheet - perfect. When there was an accident it was machine washable and the anti-allergy barrier is an added bonus. Thank you so much, fantastic idea.'

Reference: Beckie Flood

‘I have both a fitted and non fitted sheet. The non fitted is great to take when we stay at friends and is easy to whip on and off. You can’t hear it under the sheets and they wash really well.’

Reference: Babyworld.com

'Just wanted to say "Thank you very much" for yet another fantastic HippyChick product. We took our Dream Tubes with us on our recent holiday to Portugal and they proved a complete hit with our wriggly 4 year daughter (and her Daddy who thought they were an outstanding product - praise indeed!!) - complete peace of mind for us and a great night's sleep!'

Reference: L Parker, August '09

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Hippychick Dream Tubes Products  BumbleBeeBaby.net | Hippychick Dream Tubes Products  

'It is so easy to take away with you if needed to stay at friends or even to take on holiday abroad in your case, and folds up so much smaller than a traditional bed guard. I would definitely recommend them and will also be taking them on holiday with us next week when there will be stone floors, so these will definitely give peace of mind and are so lightweight to travel with too!'

’I ordered your dream tube sheets for our holiday a little while ago and they worked a treat’ -

Reference: L Jewson, July ’09

’I absolutely love this product, my son moved to his single bed and kept falling out. We bought the normal metal bed guard which lifted the mattress he kept getting his arms stuck down the side - more sleepless nights and upset. Since using dream tubes we have not been woken up once in the night. It is soft and cosy and we all love it. I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before. Well done dusky moon and thank you!’

‘A must have for bed wetters, this mattress protector is cotton soft against your little ones skin but sturdily waterproof too.’

Reference: Practical Parenting

‘The one we had before was rustly, lumpy and bumpy under my daughter’s sheet – not pleasant for her. This one is totally different. It is soft, breathable, absorbent, waterproof and smooth. A great solution!’

Reference: BabyBudgeting.co.uk

'Saved my mattress! My waters broke one night in bed – luckily I had bought a Hippychick Mattress Protector on the advice of my health visitor. Thank God I did!’

Reference: BabyBudgeting.co.uk

‘5*. What a find!’ I recall the old plastic sheets and am very impressed at the advance in material and how well this absorbs liquid. Washes and dries easily and quickly too.’

Reference: BabyBudgeting.co.uk

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Hippychick Mattress ProtectorsBumbleBeeBaby.net | Hippychick Mattress ProtectorsBumbleBeeBaby.net | Hippychick Mattress ProtectorsBumbleBeeBaby.net | Hippychick Mattress Protectors

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Moover Testimonials


'Possibly the sweetest pram in the world' - Moover Pram is on Gurgle.com's Editor's Christmas wishlist

Reference: Gurgle.com

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Moover ProductsBumbleBeeBaby.net | Moover ProductsBumbleBeeBaby.net | Moover ProductsBumbleBeeBaby.net | Moover ProductsBumbleBeeBaby.net | Moover Products

BumbleBeeBaby.net | My Buggy Buddy Testimonials


‘I’ve long been a fan of the Buggy Buddy – the genius huge clip that allows you to hook all kinds of things to your pushchair. Now they’ve gone one better – with a padlock! It’s on a combination lock – dead easy to set and perfect for the Summer whether on days out here or abroad. With the launch of the new Bugaboo Donkey at over £1000 and parents spending more and more on their pushchairs it makes total sense to lock up your wheels!’

’This is one baby product you really do need.  I would say it’s essential’


Reference: BeingaMummy.co.uk

BumbleBeeBaby.net | My Buddy Buggy Products  BumbleBeeBaby.net | My Buddy Buggy Products

‘The My Buggy Buddy Lock is a really clever idea that can save you a lot of money and stress. It’s so simple, we lock our bikes, so why not our pushchairs?’


‘The My Buggy Buddy Lock is just the most ingenious device. I have attached it to my pram so it's always there. It’s genius and saves me wandering around with my length of bicycle chain. This is one baby product that you really do need. I would say it’s essential and I’ve seen nothing better for this purpose.'

Reference: BeingaMummy.co.uk

‘A great security investment.’ ‘I think it’s something every parent should invest in.’ ‘So important, so clever and so simple.’ ‘For just £8.95 this could save you a fortune.’

Reference: BabyBudgeting.co.uk

‘I would recommend this to anyone.’ ‘Once in a while a product comes onto the market and you wonder why it wasn’t invented years ago and the Buggy Buddy lock is one such product.’ ‘5*. I really like this product. It gives me great peace of mind about the safety of my buggy which is so important to me.’

Reference: Babyworld.co.uk

‘Pram thefts are on the increase in general but protecting yours is quite simple. The My Buggy Buddy Lock is a sturdy loop shaped lock that snaps onto any handle. This can then be secured to fences or railings to lock a pushchair in place until you release it with your own unique number combination.' 

Reference: Pregnancy & Birth

Summer 2011: ‘Park your pushchair and feel confident that it will still be there when you get back with the My Buggy Buddy Lock.’ 

Reference: Prima Baby & Pregnancy

Summer 2010: ‘Thief proof your pushchair with My Buggy Buddy Lock.

Reference: Prima Baby & Pregnancy

‘Beat the buggy busters with a new buddy. My Buggy Buddy’s nifty locks are small enough to pop into your handbag and can keep sneaky buggy thieves away.’ 

Reference: Madeformums.com

My buggy buddy lock: 'A handy gadget which I use regularly to hang shopping bags from. Originally bought it as a pram lock but in hindsight this only works in certain situations due to the lock being so small. Handy none the less.'

Reference: Caroline

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Shoo Shoos Testimonials


'My niece’s children have all grown up with Shoo Shoos, from birth to walking' -

Reference: R Jackson

 BumbleBeeBaby.net | Shoo Shoos Products  BumbleBeeBaby.net | Shoo Shoos Products  BumbleBeeBaby.net | Shoo Shoos Products  BumbleBeeBaby.net | Shoo Shoos Products  BumbleBeeBaby.net | Shoo Shoos Products  

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Totseat Testimonials


’Easy to wash, easy to transport and easy to use. Fits on any chair of any shape and size and the boys are comfortable sitting in them as well which is a bonus.'

‘I would recommend the totseat to everyone as we have found them invaluable.’

’Easy to adjust to fit any kind of chair and my son is secure no matter how much he wriggles during feeding. Perfect for lunches out and visiting relatives - couldn’t live without this in my changing bag'

BumbleBeeBaby.net | TotSeat Products     BumbleBeeBaby.net | TotSeat Products  BumbleBeeBaby.net | TotSeat Products

'This is genius! I've never seen such a tiny, compact high chair. I'm taking one on holiday for those moments when a high chair isn't available, but I don't fancy having Akira throw food all over my lap either! Also perfect for those moments when the state of the highchairs on offer leaves lot to be desired! Lightweight, practical and perfect to keep in your holiday bag.'

Reference:Katie Hill's i-village blog

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Wallaboo Testimonials


’The best baby bag’ -

Reference: A Moon 

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Wallaboo ProductsBumbleBeeBaby.net | Wallaboo ProductsBumbleBeeBaby.net | Wallaboo ProductsBumbleBeeBaby.net | Wallaboo ProductsBumbleBeeBaby.net | Wallaboo Products

’Thank you for sending Imogen her Newborn Footmuff - I can’t get her out of it! Everyone thinks it is wonderful, particularly ladies in the supermarket when my husband takes her there on his own!!’

'The best purchase for a baby. Have used these for my 4 children and found them invaluable. People always comment that the babes look so snug and ask where it came from.'

Reference: Jo, 30/02/11

'A great product - warm, cosy, and snug. My baby is apparently incapable of keeping a blanket over her when in her carseat/pushchair so this is the perfect solution! She is 10wks old so it will be interesting to find out how long she will fit. However, as we go into the winter months, it's already worth every penny. A fantastic buy.'

Reference: Lilybelle, November 2011

'I bought this footmuff for my daughter and I haven't got a bad word to say about it!! Everyone comments on it and asking me where I purchased it. It is ideal for when you are in and out of the car, and don't want to put loads of layers on the baby. I will be using it all winter! Fab product!'

Reference: Emma Culshaw-Jones, December 2011

’Beyond GORGEOUS!’ TV presenter Katy Hill loves the Wallaboo Footmuff - 'Probably a best buy for a cold winter. Much cheaper than that of bugaboo (fits well in bugaboo bee). We have had it for a week now and my 6 month old son is warmer in it than he is at home. Just don't overdress him with it!'

Reference: M Maragkakis, January 2012

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Wallaboo Products BumbleBeeBaby.net | Wallaboo Products      BumbleBeeBaby.net | Wallaboo Products

'The best buy I made so far for my baby!! Looks great, keeps my baby VERY warm, fit perfectly! Would highly recommend it! Worth every penny!'

Reference: Monika Douglas, January 2010

"Much more practical but just as cosy as those fiddly to get on and off baby snowsuits"

Reference: ParentDish.co.uk

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Wheelybugs Testimonials


'Wow – what a find! I bought a ladybird Wheelybug for my little girl’s birthday and it’s been a huge hit. My son (aged 4) loves sitting on it and he can get some great speed up in our hallway. They also love pushing each other along on it. It’s true what they say – it really does go in all directions and the kids have already got hours of fun out of it. I would really recommend this. It’s as good as it looks and is a real magnet for any children coming to play.'

Reference: Sarah, Brighton

'I bought two Wheelybugs for my kids They have been the most popular toy and after three years of heavy use still look like new.... Has to be one of the best toys I ever bought!'

Reference: Leon Kolokathis

BumbleBeeBaby.net | Wheely Bug Products     BumbleBeeBaby.net | Wheely Bug Products        BumbleBeeBaby.net | Wheely Bugs Testimonials      BumbleBeeBaby.net | Wheely Bug Products    BumbleBeeBaby.net | Wheely Bugs Testimonials

'We saw a “Wheelybug” for the first time yesterday and purchased a small “Wheely Bee” straight away for our 14 month old son. The build quality is excellent as is the design and stability.'

Reference: Dave Harris

'We would like to congratulate you on the Wheelybug. The children and staff have been very pleased with this colourful hardwearing product. Wheelybugs promote the children’s balance and gross motor skills... They encourage the use of all muscles in the legs and feet, plus the use of cross-lateral skills (sideways movement). We thoroughly recommend them for use within the childcare industry.'

Reference: Eileen Baker, Park Lane Early Childhood Centre

'I am going to order another one for our new child - this time a Bumble Bee, as we can not possibly be without enough in our house! My three year old loves his lady bug he rides it from one room to the next and parks it out the front of the room - he even rides it to the bathroom and the lounge chair. Thanks for making such a wonderful toy and for having such great after sale service, thanks again.

Reference: Debra Barrett

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